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News | 09.04.2020

Evaluation of standard software solutions for search engines

The steadily increasing number of documents accompanying development calls for effective search methods to find e. g. diagnostic relevant information.

Customers expect that this should work as simply and efficiently as with "Google". Various databases should be searched in seconds and, ideally, the results should be displayed with an intelligent sorting algorithm. Results with the most clicks should appear first.

ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssysteme mbH develops web / offline based after-sales applications for its customers. Here too, high-performance search engines are increasingly coming into focus. In the after-sales area, ever larger knowledge databases are emerging from different areas of application (diagnostic data (symptoms, causes, solutions), technical documentation with repair and maintenance tasks including interactive schematic diagrams, spare parts information, information about special tools, labor values, service bulletins, etc.), which are to be browsed using a full-text search.

The answer to the question of which search engine should be used depends very much on which technology (Microsoft or Java) the search engine should be based on. In order to always be able to offer ServiceXpert customers the best possible solutions with state-of-the-art technologies for specific customer use, ServiceXpert engineers regularly examine current technology trends in internal R&D projects. For this reason, both technologies were considered in the current project of the search engines to be examined.

By comparing various existing search engine providers such as Apache Lucene.Net, SQL full text, Elasticsearch-NEST etc., various aspects such as performance, the use of AI functions, such as the "Did you mean" function and usability could be evaluated in more detail. Practical suitability was also tested by the prototypical implementation of all three solutions by the ServiceXpert engineers. Through continuous evaluations of applied technology, ServiceXpert makes a significant contribution to the optimization of systems in customer use. It is crucial in every project that the data model is professionally planned and set up from the start so that the search engine ultimately achieves high-performance search times.

ServiceXpert, an ESG-Group company, employs over 85 staff in Hamburg and Munich. ServiceXpert is a Europe-wide operating system and software house with a focused service portfolio for Lifecycle management of EE information for leading manufacturers of commercial vehicle and their supplier industry.