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News | 20.05.2020

ServiceXpert supports standardization committees

Proof of concept for camera-based positioning.

As part of an internal research project, the engineers at ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssysteme mbH have developed a software solution for camera-based positioning based on joint use (added value) of hardware components that are already installed in the vehicle.


The task is to provide the driver an assistance system for positioning the vehicle and to maximize the efficiency of the wireless charging system by precisely positioning the two coil (ground and vehicle coil) in relation to one another.
The ground coil disappears from the driver's view during the positioning process. Therefore, the detection and determination of the ground coil position is crucial for determining the relative position of the vehicle to the ground coil.

ServiceXpert approach

ServiceXpert uses a camera-based detection of the ground coil with the help of one or more optical positioning features, which can also be used for embedding information (interface to infrastructure charging station, provider, etc.).
The depth information is determined using two separate lenses (computer stereo vision) for the entire image.

ServiceXpert Demonstrator (PoC)

As a proof of concept (PoC), a demonstrator with a stereo camera was set up, which can recognize a ground coil equipped with an ArUco marker.

In addition to the depth information, the own movement can be determined by all six degrees of freedom using a SLAM algorithm (special ServiceXpert know-how) and including data from an acceleration sensor and gyroscope (Sensor Fusion).

This makes it possible to:

  • Determine the distance and orientation of the coil
  • Track the ground coil when moving
  • Continue to determine the position of the ground coil, even if it disappears from the field of camera view
  • Display vehicle and coil position on a screen to assist the driver when parking
  • Control a change in the vehicle in relation to its position (rolling) or disturbing environmental factors (objects / living beings) during charging, i.e. the continuous alignment check


The following hardware components were used for the PoC:

Screen (the display can also be used in the vehicle), Nvidia Jetson TX2 / Xavier AGX board, ZED mini camera and floor coil with ArUco marker.

Adaptive AUTOSAR was used for the vehicle interface, a future-oriented technology with the features high performance, Ethernet and update / upgrade of new functionality by OTA (Over-The-Air).

Limits of the system

Limitations that were determined during the PoC are mainly caused by lighting conditions, dirt, adverse weather conditions (e.g. snowfall).

Summary of the approach

By using existing vehicle components (camera, sensors, display, etc.), camera-based positioning can be offered as a software-based extension of an existing parking aid.

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