News | 27.04.2023

ServiceXpert goes Agile with DAF

Embracing the new developments in the agile transformation of the teams, ServiceXpert and DAF Trucks N.V. had a joint Agile workshop from April 11 - 13.

The entire Scrum team met in person and participated in the Agile workshop to understand and acquire the Agile mindset. The agile coaches and the scrum master led the agile workshop. Thirteen colleagues from DAF, eight colleagues from ServiceXpert, and three colleagues from Cognizant Portugal participated in the 3-days workshop. The workshop entailed understanding concepts of Agile, scrum events, and how ServiceXpert, Cognizant Portugal and DAF can work together as a successful Scrum team.


The interactive workshop included team activities that encouraged the participants to be more transparent and open to their teams. In one of the activities, the team members had to pass a ball of wool to any other team member and say something they admired about them. By the end of the exercise, each team formed a spider web. Although the task was simple, it helped the team understand other team members and realize that it takes the whole team to support each other to be successful.


Another exercise focused on using I-I-You method to give effective constructive feedback. This exercise allowed the participants to understand the value of empathy in the feedback process within a multinational team. The workshop also included a team exercise that simulated the estimation and delivery process in a sprint. This task helped the team accept the challenges of getting the correct estimation in a sprint. The team understood that estimation is a continuous process that gradually improves with the experience of the team.


The team-building exercises continued after the workshop as well. The team enjoyed a Bavarian evening with traditional Bavarian food. On the second day, the team went for a short trip to the city centre in Munich. These events outside the workshop allowed the team to know each other better and be more comfortable communicating with each other. 


The workshop was successful as the team was more open in communication by the end of the workshop. The entire team is enthusiastic to embrace the agile mindset and apply the learnings from the workshop to practice.


ServiceXpert, a company of the Cognizant Mobility Group, employs over 85 staff in its Hamburg and Munich locations. ServiceXpert is a Europe-wide operating system and software house with a focused service portfolio for Lifecycle management of EE information for leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles and their supplier industry.