Artificial intelligence

Requirement for autonomous driving

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key factor in the recognition and classification of objects for highly automated or autonomous driving in road traffic. The systems used, which consist of increasingly powerful processors and computer units in the vehicle, must evaluate communication data alongside the familiar camera-based algorithms in order to train the artificial intelligence for specific functions. Generating this training data is one of the tasks performed by ServiceXpert engineers in order to implement new functions for automated driving.

Training for intelligent functions

For highly automated driving, control units have to process a huge amount of data in real time. Advanced graphics processing units (GPU) help to process image and sensor data significantly faster than conventional control units (CPU). GPU-supported sensor data processing in real time enables the acquisition of important data for the training of artificial intelligence in vehicle operation alongside driving tasks. We work closely with our clients on the development and integration of new vehicle functions based on artificial intelligence and apply our expertise in CUDA programming for software integration on GPUs.

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