News | 18.08.2020

AVANT price module in acceptance test

The AVANT price module, which ServiceXpert has developed for AVANT TECNO Deutschland GmbH within three months, is currently in the acceptance test.

The AVANT price module efficiently supports the price administrators by importing the price specifications from the Finnish headquarters, calculating the prices for the German market and creating the sales price lists and the price catalog for distribution to the dealer organization in Germany.

AVANT has now commissioned the development of the price module extension. The extension development includes the optimization of the responsive, native app-like display on a mobile device, such as smartphone or tablet, of the price module. The price module extension can be used from November 2020 by dealers of AVANT products to search and find a price even faster and more efficiently. In addition to the responsive display, an extensive search functionality, similar to Google search, is implemented.

ServiceXpert prefers an agile methodology and approach in software development projects, which has the following advantages:

  • Flexible and lean development process and universal applicability
  • Early, continuous involvement of the customer, thus fast customer feedback
  • Short-term requirement changes are also taken into account in a late development phase
  • The focus is on the quality of the customer products produced
  • Continuous knowledge transfer to the customer

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