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News | 06.10.2020

Sensor calibration for autonomous driving commercial vehicles

The development of semi-automated or automated trucks is becoming increasingly important for the major OEMs.

A large number of different sensors are used so that these vehicles can optimally detect their environment. The most common are cameras, laser scanners (lidars) and radar. The sensors are installed at different positions on the vehicle and cover a certain section of the vehicle environment with their field of view.

In order to correctly convert to the vehicle coordinate system, these sections and the objects detected must be related to each other and to the vehicle, i.e. calibrated. This requires a high degree of accuracy, since angle errors in particular have a major impact with increasing distance and can ultimately lead to accidents.

The team of ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssysteme mbH supports in the context of pre-development and research projects the establishment and commissioning of calibration zones and areas for trucks. Accurate lidar and camera calibration is an essential step for robust data fusion. Therefore, all cameras and lidar systems of a test vehicle are calibrated in one step.

The engineers of ServiceXpert always work with state-of-the-art technology in projects and continuously expand their know-how, e.g. through internal R&D projects. With this method, the team has already been able to successfully and profitably support numerous customers in the development of individual solutions and complete systems.

ServiceXpert, an ESG-Group company, employs over 85 staff in Hamburg and Munich. ServiceXpert is a Europe-wide operating system and software house with a focused service portfolio for Lifecycle management of EE information for leading manufacturers of commercial vehicle and their supplier industry.