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News | 28.07.2020

Diagnostic System DiaMon: Adaptive User Interface For Every Use

Today, we are used to access information of various types regularly and with different terminal and mobile devices.

This is increasingly true also for vehicle data in the After-Sales. The current DiaMon Release 3.8 provides a fundamentally reworked user interface in order to satisfy current requirements in the After-Sales.

The user interface has a responsive web design based on the Angular Framework. This responsive web design automatically adapts the presentation of the diagnostic web application to the terminal or mobile device in use, like e. g. desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone. The automated placement of menus and contents allows to make effective use of the available display space, and to arrange contents according to their importance. 

The DiaMon web client is providing a simple solution to adjust and adapt the entire user interface, or just single modules, to customer requirements from development, production, and service. The web client and its connection with the web service interface of the diagnostic system DiaMon offer new opportunities to integrate further new functionality into the user interface.

The current generation of DiaMon is not only supporting a flexible user interface but also further scenarios. On the one hand, cooperative diagnostics allow that a technician can easily be supported by an expert from the back-office when analysing a problem at a vehicle. On the other hand, a technician may use further auxiliary tools like e. g. data glasses in order to view a vehicle from two perspectives. Finally, DiaMon’s diagnostic control centre allows to diagnostically supervise an entire vehicle fleet in an automated mode.

These different scenarios have been made possible by a clear separation of the diagnostic system into a web service based diagnostic server and various thin clients. The diagnostic server may be placed either on a technician’s notebook, into a diagnostic ECU in a vehicle, on a centralized server in the OEM’s network, or even in the cloud. The system contains specific mechanisms that guarantee accesses of cooperating clients to a vehicle to be synchronized and thus free of conflicts.

The diagnostic system DiaMon of ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssysteme mbH has this new technology ready for practical use in the field. For over 25 years, DiaMon is used successfully by our customers in Service and Production. DiaMon is offering a comprehensive and mature diagnostic system especially for vehicle manufacturers with small and medium size production. The system provides state-of-the-art technology in order to support any technician in an optimal way.

ServiceXpert, an ESG-Group company, employs over 85 staff in Hamburg and Munich. ServiceXpert is a Europe-wide operating system and software house with a focused service portfolio for Lifecycle management of EE information for leading manufacturers of commercial vehicle and their supplier industry.