News | 01.05.2021

UWB in the automotive industry

Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a digital wireless technology that is gaining attention in the consumer and automotive industries.

UWB is not a new technology, but it is becoming increasingly important as smartphone manufacturers have been incorporating UWB chips into their devices since 2019, making the technology available to end users.

The application scenarios are diverse and are characterized by the special properties of this technology. Particularly noteworthy are the low susceptibility to interference, a maximum range of up to 200 meters, a high data rate of 480 Mbit/s and the "economical" transmission power of less than 1 mW. UWB offers fast and stable transmission of data at close range and can therefore be used particularly well for positioning scenarios (indoor and outdoor). Unlike other radio technologies, UWB is not bound to one frequency and can transmit data over a wide frequency spectrum.

Since the beginning of 2020, engineers at ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssysteme mbH have been using this technology in customer and internal projects and researching the various use cases. The results show the great potential of this new "established" technology for the industry and the end customer. In the automotive industry, for example, there are plans to improve the keyless entry system for vehicles in terms of secure and convenient use through UWB technology.

Based on customer requests, ServiceXpert has developed a UWB demonstrator that clearly shows the possibilities of UWB. The well-known camera-based tracking system served as the basis and starting point for the new UWB demonstrator. The UWB radio technology replaces the demonstrator's camera for positioning the vehicle. Remarkable is the low susceptibility to interference of the UWB technology compared to the camera technology, especially for outdoor use. Furthermore, the data communication of UWB is an enormous advantage, as important information can be exchanged during positioning without additional communication channels. Exemplary use cases for the application of data communication are authentication, determination of the correct parking place as well as starting and stopping of energy transmission. In all the cases mentioned, the data can be encrypted on the one hand and transmitted securely on the other due to the high data rate.

General conclusion: the trend among manufacturers is to incorporate low-cost UWB technology into devices more and more. This increases the number of possible sensible use cases for UWB in smartphones, vehicles and smart home devices and enables functions combined with easier handling. When it comes to the pioneering wireless technology UWB, ServiceXpert has a wide range of know-how and experience and is a competent partner for a wide variety of applications and projects.

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