Function development for commercial vehicles

In the autonomous driving and connectivity environment we use agile, sustainable methods to achieve fast, efficient software development. In doing so, we attach great importance to the reuse of software modules and short commissioning times in order to enable fast testing and validation on the vehicle. Our team thus provides support in all areas of autonomous driving, from concept and proof-of-concepts (PoC) to implementation, integration and testing in the vehicle.

Our specialisations in function development


  • Package-based development including source and binary packages (conan, ansible, docker, debian)
  • CI/CD scripting
  • pipeline setup

Environment sensors

  • Sensor commissioning
  • Sensor calibration
  • Sensor data fusion

Development platforms

  • Commissioning and setup of NVIDIA platforms
  • Functional porting
  • Cross compilation

V2X Applications

  • Function development for Vehicle2Vehicle communication modules
  • Back end development of a Vehicle2Cloud communication via Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Development of mobile applications for monitoring and control of remote vehicles
  • Implementation of message encoding and encryption

Human-Machine-Inferface (HMI)

  • Development and implementation of various HMI concepts
  • Implementation of dynamic display elements
  • Development of communication interfaces

Motion Control

  • Software development and integration of safety-related control units
  • Development of diagnostic and interface-specific functions

Model-based development with MATLAB / Simulink, TargetLink

Holistic support at all times

Our clients appreciate us because of our in-depth expertise, our competence and quality, solution orientation and networking. With ServiceXpert every phase of electronic systems development is in competent hands.

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