Innovative connectivity of vehicles and backend systems

The connectivity of vehicles and systems is the future for manufacturers and suppliers. Without connectivity, autonomous driving, predictive maintenance management and software updates over the air are not feasible. With the increasing connectivity of vehicles and systems, the security requirements for software development are also rising in order to protect vehicles and their permanent online connection against cyber-attacks and dangerous interventions in driving behaviour. Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are therefore facing major challenges in the development of Vehicle2Vehicle applications.

Important requirements for connectivity

Automotive electronics development in the vehicle is determined by real-time systems, model-based development and signal-based communication protocols. In addition, the development of Vehicle2X applications also requires classic IT and data expertise, service-based communication and IT backend systems that process and edit the vehicle data and forward it to other vehicles or to other participants (depending on configuration and status). The cooperative interaction of IT and electronic software development brings long-lasting success.

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Best connections to V2X

The ServiceXpert team has many years of experience in the field of database systems, web-based applications (worldwide use) and app development as well as a great expertise in the development of embedded systems, V2V as well as V2X communication via the respective state-of-the-art technologies. We support our clients in the development of V2X systems, from the function in the vehicle to the implementation of the front and backend. Our backend software developers work closely with the vehicle function developers and diagnostic specialists.


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